What My Seller’s are Saying

Henry just sold my house in Mt Washington and did a remarkable job. He is very motivated, knowledgeable, and professional. Henry is among the best at utilizing the internet for advertising, in addition to print and other media. This is definitely key in the current market, where you need as much exposure as possible in all media. Through his communication skills, Henry was able to quickly generate a lot of potential buyers for open houses and private tours. As the offers starting happening, Henry guided me through the entire process. This was my first home sale, and was a learning process for me, and Henry made it as smooth as possible. I think Henry has a unique combination of communication skills, as well as experience, and professionalism, all of which are critical in today’s market. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone.

David Johnson – 4019 Verdugo View – Los Angeles


To Whom It May Concern:

Henry Plascencia recently represented my property on Brilliant Drive in Los Angeles as seller’s agent.
I must say that this year has been and continues to be one of the most difficult and challenging years for selling real estate. However, Henry advised me from the start on how to make my home salable with minimum expenditure, then proceeded to expose the property such that I had an offer within 30 days that led to a sale.  The closing was difficult due to the tight financial markets at the time (April/May 2009) but Henry persisted with the steady, professional pressure necessary to bring the transaction to a satisfactory close. Henry knows the market and is especially familiar with the area in which my property was located. I have no hesitation in giving Henry Plascencia the highest recommendation.

Dean Acheson – 3726 Brilliant Drive, LA, CA 90065


A bit about Henry Plascencia

In a period when every person and their brother decided that they could get a license to sell real estate, we knew that due to the “unique” qualities of our home, unless we found someone who really knew what they were doing, we would never be able to sell. That someone needed to know the area, have multiple tools at his disposal, and know what would attract buyers. The very first and only person we interviewed for this task was Henry Plascencia. We had heard about Henry from a good friend who watched as Henry sold the home next door to them – also a difficult home to sell. To our meeting, of course he brought comps, all agents do. He also brought a list of the homes presently on the market – homes that he had personally viewed, and knew their strengths and weaknesses. We discussed the positives and negatives about our home, and the current market. He outlined a strategy using the internet, open houses, and mailings. The price we set was a compromise based on his experience and our needs. Well, at the end of the meeting, we asked him what we could do to help him sell the home. He had terrific suggestions, simple and inexpensive.

Our home sold in three weeks in a very distressed real estate market because not only was the price right, but also because Henry was able to create a strategy to pull in buyers. The idea of our home having it’s own web site was great! The pictures that Henry used, he took using a wide angle lens – which gave the shots a much more dynamic look. Everything was professional.

The absolute best thing about working with Henry was that he was always dependable and you can count on his integrity. He returns calls promptly. You never have to guess about what’s going on. He makes less challenging and intimidating the normal hoops that the government makes us jump through – termite inspection, repairs, earthquake gas shut offs, etc. He has a stable of professionals from gardeners to plumbers, who charge a fair price for a job well done – and he visits the workers to make sure that the job is being done correctly.

In the end, when Henry Plascencia represents you as a seller, both the seller and the buyer come out winners. We have bought and sold several times in our lives, but never have had the incredible support from other agents, that for Henry, was simply doing business as usual. Would we do business with Henry again? Unequivocally yes!

Maggie Brown + Bill Humphry – 1929 Rome Drive – LA CA 90065


Selling a house can be unnerving, to say the least. Especially if you haven’t done it before. Ideally, you want someone who will take you through the process that will minimize the hurdles and maximize the possibilities, and one, who, in the face of challenges, will proceed with poise and determination.

Henry Plascencia was not an uncommon name in my Mount Washington LA neighborhood. But he was not alone, as there were several real estate agents who had also established solid reputations in the area’s rapidly growing and desirable housing market. I had been to several open houses over the ten years I lived there and had met a variety of agents; some had actively pursued me via mailings and calls in the event my house should go on the market.

I met Henry by chance at an open house where he was selling a neighbor’s home. First impression? Likeable. Savvy. Smart. Professional. Easy to talk to, with a self-assurance that belied his youth. A smile and manner that evoked warmth and humor. The word genuine comes to mind.

And it came to mind again several years later when I decided to sell my house. I had a lot of questions about the process, the market, the ongoing inspections and the multitudinous forms that had to be deciphered and dealt with. Escrow came fast and furious, and went smoothly until it took a couple of detours, not all of which were scenic. The latter were out of Henry’s hands but when the conflicts arose, he remained steadfast, balanced and poised. The positive attitudes he had expressed at the outset were exemplified in his actions and behavior. It’s easy to be hopeful when everything is going our way; much harder when obstacles arise.

Henry knows a lot about the real estate business, and he knows a lot of people on the periphery that we needed for sometimes obscure and unusual tasks. He also aligned himself with a proficient and top-notch escrow team. In short, he was well connected to a variety of resources. And innovative when he needed to be. And because of his connections, he was able to bring those innovations to fruition when the need arose.

Would I do business with Henry Plascencia again? Absolutely. Would I recommend him? Unequivocally and enthusiastically.

I’ve outlined above just a few of the qualities that attracted me to Henry as a listing agent: intelligence, perseverance, and an ability to improvise and keep his integrity intact. The word genuine comes to mind again. Because Henry is a genuinely nice guy who genuinely likes his work and has a genuine concern for his clients. A refreshing point of view in the megalopolis of Los Angeles, where the superficial is often over-valued at the expense of substance.

Henry is the kind of real estate agent you’d like to have over for dinner afterwards, and keep in touch with as a friend.

I have no doubt Henry’s real estate career will continue its upward spiral for a long time to come. And well it should. He’s the genuine article. And it’s been a genuine privilege doing business with him.

Warmest regards

Phyllis Hamlin- Seller of 3822 Lavell Drive, LA CA 90065

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